As of May 2022 it is no longer mandatory to wear masks at the wall - please respect the decisions of others to wear a mask or face covering and maintain social distance. We keep the wall sanitised to avoid the spread of any viruses and bacteria.

It should be recognised that while climbing walls will take all reasonable steps to prevent the transfer of COVID-19 to its staff and customers, there will always be a risk that an infected person visits the centre and either through droplet transfer, aerosol action or smear infection, transfers the virus to others. Our customers should be made aware of this and make their own decision given their specific circumstances whether this small residual risk is one they are willing to take. 

Please do not visit the climbing centre if you have any signs of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone with signs in the past 14 days.


  • Track and Trace: Please sign in at reception


  • Santising:
    All customers are required to sanitise their hands when entering.  You can use your own, or the sanitiser provided in the building. There will additional hand sanitising stations in the climbing wall and bouldering wall. We recommend climbers wash their hands at the start and end of their session and sanitise regularly throughout their climbing session. Sanitiser stations will be located at key points throughout the centre.  


  • Payments.
    In order to speed up queuing times and minimise contact we are strongly recommending that members pre-pay online. We have a limited number of spaces available per session so we cannot guarantee entry if you turn up without booking first.


  • Face Coverings.
    Wearing a face covering is no longer a legal requirement in Wales, but we respect the decision of customers and staff to wear masks if they wish.

  • Social Distancing Within the Centre.
    The Welsh Government still recommends 2m for social distancing in all public areas. Please continue to observe others’ boundaries.


  • Social Distancing When Climbing.
    Whether leading/bouldering/top roping it is up to the individual climber to assess where they climb and if it will be sociably acceptable to climb a route/problem not far from another person.  You should leave an acceptable space between each climber but often routes/problems weave or deviate so a bit of forethought and verbal communication is vital.  All areas will have signage stating the capacity numbers for specific climbing areas.


  • Cleaning.
    We have tried to remove the need for you to touch many surfaces, apart from the climbing walls, on your passage through the building.  Many doors are now held open safely to enable touch free passage through corridors, which also aids ventilation. Key touchable surfaces will be wiped down frequently with appropriate cleaning products. We are removing all non-essential items such as leaflets, menus etc.  Even with our regular cleaning we strongly recommend that you wash or sanitise your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.


  • Hire equipment.
    All the usual hire equipment will be available, except for chalk bags.  We have some small items for sale such as tape and chalk balls.